Casino Bonuser and Beer In Online Casino


Different people have different ways to pass some time and have fun. For me, nothing beats a nice Saturday evening with a few good beers and some online casino action. I never play very high and don’t expect to win – it’s just the adrenaline that gets me going.

casino and beer night

So, last Saturday I felt like playing again and wanting to get as much play as possible for my money I searched for “casino bonuser” (which translates as casino bonuses from Norwegian). In case you are confused about that bit, I’m half-Norwegian and after a couple of beers I usually start thinking and typing in Norwegian rather than English – just how my brain works.


I had about 1,000 NOK to burn (which is about €100) so I was looking for the best offer I could get. The welcome bonus at Leo Vegas caught my eye because they offer a nice boost where you can withdraw any winnings if you get lucky and win before you start using the bonus. I figured depositing 500 NOK there and getting a 100% match to try my luck with some Danger High Voltage was the right way to go.

Long story short, I didn’t win any money in the end, although I triggered the bonus three times playing 5 NOK spins, but I got plenty of fun out of it as my initial deposit and the bonus lasted me for about three beers, which is better than the average in my experience.

It was around 11 in the evening when I was done with Leo Vegas so I figured I might use the other 500 NOK at some other casino so I could get a different welcome bonus. So, I repeated the same process again, albeit somewhat slower this time as I was about five beers in, and ended up signing up with Rizk.

I was happy with what I saw there, from the welcome bonus to the game selection. Most importantly, they have Big Time Gaming machines, which have become my favorites as of late. Seeing how my Danger adventure didn’t go too well, I figured I might give Bonanza a chance.

This time around, I was lucky enough to get the bonus within the first twenty or so spins, and thanks to the extra scatter, I got 17 spins. Naturally, I got my hopes up, because if you’ve ever played Bonanza, you know the potential of that slot, especially with 17 spins.

About 12 spins in, I was still sitting there with no big wins, but I had a bunch of small wins along the way, bringing the multiplier all the way up to 15x. Then it happened! The board got filled with Kings – they were all over the place, and when I looked down to see the amount won, it was 3,250 NOK! That huge win, combined with some smaller ones along the way, brought my balance to just over 4,000 NOK.

I ended up cashing out 3,000 and played the rest away on silly high stakes spins, but I was up for the night anyway, so I wanted to give myself a chance for a huge score. It didn’t happen this time around, but by the time I was done it was 1 AM and I was ready to hit the sack, saving me from any stupid decisions.

So, all in all, it was a Saturday night to remember (and I remember some of it at least).