A gambler’s travels: My Journey around Thailand

Thailand Travels

Thailand is without a doubt one of the finest places you will ever happen to visit. The country had 32.6 million visitors in 2016, and that shot up to 35 million in 2017. This place is home to some of the best food on earth, and don’t even let me get started on the beaches and jungles. I have been in and out the country a few times, and I can assure you that the country is much more than just a speck in South East Asia. Stick around for my take on what’s hot and what’s even hotter in the land of monks.

Bangkok City

A taste of Bangkok

Whenever I travel to Thailand, I like to think of Bangkok as my starting point. From this city, I find it easy to move around because the area is located near all kinds of modes of transport, allowing me to access some of the fun places in the country with minimum hassle. Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, known in English as the City of Angels, is a perfect blend of the modern and the classic. Last time out I made my way to the Wat Arun, also known as the Temple of the Dawn, and I loved all the bits and pieces in there. It’s a monument, a tribute to the history and a lasting reminder of the Thai way of life. The Grand Palace, which has been around for centuries, is a 218,000-square-meter affair filled with architectural and cultural wonders.


Gambling online during long bus rides

What you need to know is that the bus rides between places can be long and boring so you might want to bring along portable internet to keep you busy. Being an avid gambler, I use the interlull to catch up with the latest online casino reviews and games on Asiancasinoclub. I found their website by pure coincidence, but it’s been a great tool for online gambling in Thailand. Luckily I found a local Thai that could translate: “10อันดับคาสิโนออนไลน์ที่ดีที่สุด สำหรับคนไทยประจำปี2018 แจก300บาทฟรี” which basically means that I would get 300 baht for free at the online casino just by signing up. Not bad huh!

The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Next Stop: Floating Market

When I go to Thailand, I’m basically looking for an experience that trumps what I see in the US. In that regard, I’m pretty sure that we don’t have floating markets stateside! The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is only a 90-minute drive away from Bangkok. It promises a whole new experience as far as your grocery and textile shopping is concerned. For a wholesome experience, go there an early and grab some breakfast. You can then move around

in boats and take home spices, clothes and even more food! The only downside for me here was that the internet became sketchy, so I couldn’t play on my favorite casinos as I waited for the market to come to life.


Chiang Mai gives you the ideal Thai outing

Tucked away in the hills, this city works out for whoever fancies a view of Thai away from the bright lights of Bangkok. I loved going down Chang Khlan road for its silk, jewelry and street food. Nothing better than a little fun out on the road, no?

The Land of the Angels offered a lot for me on my last time out. The sites are breathtaking and the experiences out of the world. While I found rides long and arduous, I was safe in the knowledge that I had internet, and time whizzed by quickly when I gambled online on the go.