October 14, 2010

Hamas's "good government" charade is over

A few years ago there was a trend in newspapers to write flattering accounts of Hamas and its commitment to good government. It was as if there was a campaign to say that "Hamas is basically good, you can ignore the silly Jew hatred stuff. They're really for making life better for their people."

Last week the UAE's National newspaper ran a story about how Hamas if oppressing Gazans. Now another paper The Herald Scotland reports (via Daily Alert Blog):

The real issue, of course, is not whether women can or cannot smoke sheesha in public; it's an increasingly widespread perception among ordinary Gazans - men and women - that Hamas is bullying and silencing them. Hamas is still a moderate Islamic movement. But, due to its increasing international isolation, including the continuing embargo by America and the European Union, radical elements within the movement are gaining momentum.

So are all those news organizations that wrote about now benign and benevolent Hamas was now going to reverse themnselves?

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Posted by SoccerDad at October 14, 2010 5:43 AM
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Not really...the left is still blaming the repression on the boycott of Hamas. Its really the same lefty-crap just in a different wrapper.

Posted by: Independent Patriot/Elise at October 14, 2010 7:57 AM

Let it descend all the way back to Taliban levels of insanity. The Jews will be blamed for it anyway. We may as well get something out of it.

Posted by: Empress Trudy at October 14, 2010 2:55 PM

Notice how they call Hamas a "moderate Islamist movement? They want to keep clinging onto the charade for all it is worth...

Posted by: mikes at October 15, 2010 3:20 PM
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