September 2, 2009

Facebook Has Decided That Golan Is Part Of Syria

Honest Reporting has alerted us that Facebook has taken it upon themselves to return Golan to Syria--putting aside the fact that Syria lost the Golan to Israel in a war that Syria itself provoked. And let's not forget how Syria put the Golan Heights to such good use, bombing civilians and launching terrorist attacks. Anyway, here is the information Honest Reporting has on Facebook's geographic do-over, and about a new Facebook Group protesting Facebook's decision:

Although the Golan falls under Israeli law, residents of the region wishing to write "Israel" in the Hometown section of their profiles are not give the option.

For example, if someone from Qazrin fills in the Hometown space, the only option will be "Qazrin, Syria." The same is true for all of the other Jewish towns, including Ramat Magshimim, Geshur, Mevo Hanna, and Had Nes.

It is not for Facebook to decide the national origin of Golan residents. At the very least, Facebook must include the option of writing "Israel" in the hometown section, as it has done with Jewish residents of the West Bank.

Join HonestReporting's new Facebook group, Facebook, Golan Residents Live in Israel, not Syria and add to the hundreds already calling for Facebook to change its policy.

The Honest Reporting post also has the latest on the Swedish anti-Semitic blood libel about organ harvesting--read the entire Honest Reporting post.

by Daled Amos

Posted by daledamos at September 2, 2009 10:04 AM
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Israelis living in the Golan are not allowed to say they're part of Israel? Who the hell gave Facebook the right to award the Golan to Syria? Its a sovereign part of the State Of Israel and is not even disputed like Yesha and Gaza.

Posted by: NormanF at September 2, 2009 5:12 PM

Facebook has had problems in the past--for instance with allowing anti-Israel groups.

Posted by: Daled Amos at September 2, 2009 5:40 PM
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