November 2, 2008

Endorsement roundup

I asked bloggers I'm friendly with for their Presidential endorsements. Thanks to all of those who answered. In retrospect my constraints were a bit too strict and people tended to ignore the two or there sentence limit. So if you wrote something shorter and would like to lengthen, it feel free.

As my political inclinations would dictate, most of these support Sen. McCain. However, I did ask some pro-Obama bloggers for their endorsement too. Enjoy.

Shira Bat Sarah

Both McCain and Obama have expensive ideas on health care, energy, and other issues. Their ideas are forward looking. I think Obama has the courage, the intellect, the leadership, and the ability to move our country forward through the difficult times we are facing.

plus here's an endorsement at her blog.

Boker Tov Boulder

I endorse John McCain for president. Men of honor are exceedingly rare.

Colossus of Rhodey.Hube

In these times of uncertainty, both at home and abroad, we cannot take a chance on an unknown quantity. John McCain is far from "unknown." Only he has the experience and resolve to guide us through these times, and he doesn't have to "fundamentally transform" America to do it.


I'm voting for John McCain because he has the experience and judgment to govern our country wisely. He believes in a strong America, and will be a good president to lead us through the Long War with Islamists. He will not raise our taxes in this time of economic hardship. And he is not just a good friend of Israel, but extremely savvy on foreign policy and how this world works. And he had the good sense to add a woman to the ticket. I may not agree with all of Sarah Palin's stands, but I respect and admire her, and will gladly vote for McCain and Palin.

and here's her endorsement.


I see four broad categories of facts justifying an endorsement of Barack Obama for the U.S. Presidency: his manifest intellectual prowess and curiosity about the world as a whole, his specific priorities re foreign policy, taxation and support of alternative energy and rail transit, the reservoir of near world-wide good will towards him that will lower our nation's "costs of doing business" with allies and enemies alike, and finally the discipline manifested by him and his team in extended campaigning that would likely carry over into the Oval Office. After the quasi-messianic irrational exuberance has died down after a likely Obama win, we may reasonably expect the intelligence of Bill Clinton but greater personal and administrative discipline from a President Obama. Some may criticize the ruthless utilitarianism of some of Obama's dealings and associations, but Henry Kissinger manifested similar traits in another era to positive effect for the nation as whole.

Maryland Conservatarian's endorsement is here.

Seraphic Secret

The greatest challenge facing America and Western civilization is the rise of radical Islam, unrestrained terror, here and abroad, and the Persian threat of nuclear hegemony over the Gulf region. John McCain and Sarah Palin are not intimidated by terrorists, nor are they seduced by the oily academic whisperings from the left that argue moral equivalence and urge appeasement as foreign policy. America has not been hit by a terror attack since 9-11. Only McCain-Palin can continue to keep us safe and on the offensive against the looming existential threat to America, the West and Israel.

Bookworm Room

On the major issues of the day (national security, the economy, the judiciary, freedom of speech), John McCain is the best candidate if you are a voter who believes in (a) less federal government rather than more; and (b) a strong national security stance. McCain understands that, as the Founders envisioned, the government's job is to provide the conditions in which Americans can move about with safety, and then to get out of the way. In this way American ingenuity, American energy, American ambition, and American imagination can move forward, checked only by a federal state that ensures that Americans play by the rules.

Oyvay Blog

Without hesitation, I endorse Senator John McCain for President. If you're a conservative Republican who believes in fiscal and personal responsibility, less government, and a firm response to terrorism, please cast your vote for this proven leader. He's good for Israel, and good for America.


The Judeopundit blog, blogging from the great state of California with its 55 electoral votes, hereby endorses John McCain for president. McCain will defend America from its enemies, exercise fiscal moderation, and bring the experience and seriousness to the White House that these difficult times require.

Crossing the Rubicon makes her endorsement here.

Yid With Lid

Yid With Lid, Endorses John McCain. Senator McCain is the Only Choice to protect the future of America as a free nation with a strong economy, his policy of cutting taxes and drilling for America's oil reserves will stimulate the economy and his strong stance against terrorism will protect the United States against the terrorist forces. Finally, John McCain is the only major candidate with a Pro-Israel stance.

and he has a much more extensive endorsement here.

Jewish Current Issues got by my three sentence rule with a really long run-on sentence. :-) He also argued that the a vote for President is by nature comparative, so it was necessary to present negatives of one candidate. His endorsement is here.

Daled Amos adds:

Every four years we are confronted by presidential candidates that near unanimously pledge to us their undying dedication to the security and support of Israel. This year, of the 2 candidates, only one has both the consistency of policy and commitment to action that backs up his claim.

That is why I will be voting for John McCain for President.

I wrote my endorsement two months ago. If you're unsure why you are or why you should vote for Sen. McCain, I urge you to read "The Subversive." But if I submit to the same standard I asked of my respondents, well

I endorse John McCain for president because he understands the nature of the threat the West is facing. The fact that there have been no terror attacks on American soil since 9/11/2001, does not mean that the threat is ended. This more than anything else is the main challenge facing us today.

UPDATE: Fiery Spirited Zionist:

The most important role of the president is commander in chief. And that especially is important now with so much at stake as our country faces enormous perils from abroad. The issues the next president will be facing is the potential of an Islamist Iran with nuclear weapons, our ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (we don't want to roll back the progress we have made there), as well as the overall war the jihadis are waging against us, the safety and security of Israel, and the reemergence of Russia and many other foreign policy crises certain to emerge in the next four years. The one I trust at the helm is the only candidate with nearly thirty years of experience in the senate and who has been tested by having served his country as a naval avaitor and sacrificed himself for five years in a Viet Cong POW camp where he was tortured. That of course is John McCain.

One Fine Jay offers his endorsement as a non-citizen.

Again, let me thank all my blogging friends for their input. I hope you're enlightened.

Posted by SoccerDad at November 2, 2008 11:46 AM
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"(Obama's) support of alternative energy and rail transit"...rail transit is powered by electricity, and Obama's hostility toward coal and his desire for electricity prices to "skyrocket" would harm the economics of rail addition to seriously harming the existing freight railroads, for which coal is a major revenue source. "Skyrocketing" electricity prices would also reduce the attractiveness of hybrid-electric cars and trucks.

Posted by: david foster at November 3, 2008 2:23 PM
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