September 19, 2008

Baker's mirror image

With the Obama's campaign's surrogates in the Jewish community declaring victory, having undermined an apolitical bipartisan rally against Iranian leader Ahmadinejad, I'm sure that Barry Axelrod and Alan Solomont are chortling: "F*** the Jews, they'll vote for us regardless."

But hey don't worry Messrs. Forman and Ben Ami Iran likes Israelis, it's just Israel he doesn't like. Whoops, you may not even have that fig leaf.

Boker Tov Boulder points out that the self-congratulations of the rally's saboteurs, is appalling especially when one considers the real threat that Iran poses to Israel.

UPDATE: This has gone from bad to worse with the revelation that Conference of Presidents and affiliated organizations (including some left wing organizations such as APN) were threatened with losing their tax-exempt status, had Palin spoken at the event. Meryl writes:

The thing that I hate the most about this? It won't stop my liberal Jewish friends from voting Democrat in any way. It won't even make them think twice about the tactics used by the Democrats. And it's far, far worse than Soccer Dad wrote about the other day. CBS didn't [yet] have the story about Jewish organizations having their tax-exempt status revoked for having Palin speak at the rally.

That's not a political party pressuring groups to do something. That's outright break-your-kneecap, Mafia-style blackmail threats.

Hot Air recommends:

Let's find out which Democratic lawyers, precisely, arrived at the very novel legal conclusion that inviting both parties to a rally to which only one party RSVPs amounts to politicking in breach of one's tax exemption. And then let's ask St. Barack why he couldn't find one person on his side -- apart from the guy who called Palin a Nazi sympathizer a few weeks ago, of course -- willing to speak at this rally to "balance" the ticket.

Wizbang I think nails it:

Make no mistake that this was an Obama op and that it was Obama operatives directing the screenplay. Upon news of Palin's invitation, it was assured that the event would garner a higher level of attention than it already commanded. And the images and footage of Palin speaking in protest (popular protest, it should be added) of Iran and the messianic Ahmadinejad upon the backdrop of the common perception of Obama's weakness in foreign policy and national security simply could not stand. Furthermore, it would have provided endless campaign fodder with Palin shown standing against the world's foremost state sponsor of international terrorism amid the audio-visual bites of Obama stating he would hold talks with Iran without preconditions. The effects would potentially be more than just stinging.

More at memeorandum.

And lest anyone stupidly think that this is some sort of Republican set up, two Jewish groups closely affiliated with the Obama campaign - NJDC and J-Street - are crowing about the results. For them, partisan politics trumps standing up to a tyrant. Something for Jewish voters to remember this November.

Posted by SoccerDad at September 19, 2008 6:00 PM
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That was one bizarre story. I don't understand enough about these internecine squabbles to comment, but bizarre is as good a description as I could find.

Posted by: SnoopyTheGoon at September 20, 2008 5:52 AM
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