March 21, 2008

It's only make believe

Judeopundit recently posted Koznik sez, "Nakba Denial as Much a Crime as Holocaust Denial" and rebuts such nonsense with:

Holocaust deniers deny that 6 million Jews were killed. Nobody denies that 700,000 Palestinians became refugees. What the diarist means by "Nakba-denial" is failure to render the events of 1948 with the requisite amount of pro-Palestinian hand-wringing. And actually, spurious equating of the, ahem, Nakba with the Holocaust is itself a form of Holocaust denial.

I'd argue further that Holocaust deniers deny 15 years or so of Jewish history, Israel's current peace partners deny a couple of thousand years of Jewish history.

Of course, the Palestinians, nowadays, complain that they are suffering a real "Holocaust."


Above is a picture of a demonstration organized by the "pro-Hamas National Commission for Child Protection from the Holocaust."

However in a real Holocaust babies are burned.

I am named after my aunt who was burned in an Auschwitz crematoria along with her baby during The Last Days of the Nazi death machine. Actually, her mother in law volunteered to go burn with the baby. "I am older," she said. "who knows? maybe you'll survive to have other children." You see, burning the baby was the prime Nazi objective. But my aunt would not let her child burn without her.

In this make-believe Holocaust babies are routinely healed.

Dr Dudi Mishali, head of the Department of Pediatric & Congenital Cardiothoracic Surgery at the hospital, said: "The baby has a complete occlusion of his aorta. This is a severe defect, and if the child is not operated on as soon as possible he could die within a day.

'He will probably be operated on tomorrow (Monday) and the prognosis is good. He is currently on medication that is keeping him alive," he added.

Dr Mishali said that an average of three Palestinian babies with heart defects arrive at his department every week: "We have daily communications by phone and fax with doctors in Gaza. There is no heart surgeon in the Strip, so they transfer all of these children, and there are many, to be operated on here."

The Palestinian Authority usually covers half of the expenses and the rest is generally covered by donations raised by the hospital.

Those horrible Israelis, not only do they heal, they even help pay for the treatment!

There are two problems with this kind of exhibitionist suffering. One is why does Palestinian society place a premium on scaring its children and inventing threats that aren't there? Israelis facing real threats actually laugh at the threats as Elder of Ziyon applauds.

You gotta hand it to the kids to be mentally stable enough to joke about the daily threats to their lives.

But the another part is even more disturbing. Evelyn Gordon writes:

But perhaps even more worrying than Abbas's statements is the world's response. Not a single international leader bothered to condemn last week's ethnic cleansing accusation. Nor did anyone condemn his Al-Dustour remarks, his rejection of the peace education resolution, or any of his other less-than-moderate statements and actions.

Given the world's fixation with resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, its reluctance to acknowledge that Abbas may be miscast as a peacemaker is understandable. Yet by tolerating such blatant incitement, the international community further undermines the prospects for peace.

The world tolerates the anti-Israel (and antisemitic) hyperbole, fretting more about buildings built by Israel than buildings destroyed by Hamas. There's an asymmetry in approaches to the peace process and much of the world, though they claim to desire peace in the Middle East, does all it can to keep the conflict alive.

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Posted by SoccerDad at March 21, 2008 9:25 AM
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