February 18, 2008

If ... you must 02/18/08

If you haven't read Embedded with the enemy at Snapped Shot; you must.
The comfort the media often has with terrorists is disturbing. The post reminded me of an article from back in 1989, when the NYT's Israel correspondent traveled around with terrorists who'd throw rocks at Israeli buses.
If you haven't read The Waiting Game at My Shrapnel; you must.
What's it like to be missing?
If you haven't read Israelly Cool's The Hamas Spin Zone; you must.
I ain't afraid of no Israelis.
If you haven't read Imagine that: the State Department defines antisemitism at Daled Amos; you must.
It's actually a pretty good definition. Unfortunately it doesn't appear that this definition guides State Department policy much.
If you haven't read The decline and fall of the state of Israel at Seraphic Secret; you must.
Israeli leadership suffers from a lack of ideological coherence and clarity; something Israel's enemies possess.
If you haven't read Argentinean prosecutor would rather have seen Mugniyah in court at Israel Matzav; you must.
I understand the objection to Nisman's wish. However, he did a lot of good work building his cases. It's harder to simply dismiss the targets of his investigations as "freedom fighters." On the balance this is one of the good guys. If more foreign governments were taking stands against Israel's enemies, they'd have much less room to operate.
If you haven't read the Spine's No courtrooms for terrorists ; you must.
If you haven't read Mere Rhetoric's Lebanon Government Heading Off Civil War By Siding With Hezbollah; you must.
My initial thoughts were that the killing of Mughniyah would strengthen the opposition to Hezbollah in Lebanon. This indicates otherwise.
If you haven't read Dershowitz writing opera; Finkelnstein plans rebuttal at Judeopundit; you must.
Finkelstein's absurdity seemingly knows no bounds.
If you haven't read Seymour Hersh denounces "Jewish Money"... at Judeosphere; you must.
Seymour Hersh who specializes in writing exclusives about nothing has more inanity to share.
If you haven't read This is Europe at Bookworm Room; you must.
If you haven't read Hamas 1993 at the Dry Bones Blog; you must.
If you haven't read US Aid finances Palestinian terror at the Terror Finance blog; you must.
If you haven't read 6 degrees at Shira Bat Sarah; you must.
In which Shira bat Sarah quite nicely fisks some global warming arguments.
If you haven't read Ocean Guy's Lies in Print; you must.
When you put the tables together it undermines the claim of the reporting.
If you haven't read Wolf Howling's Iraqi Political Progress Leaves Few Places For The Left To Move The Target; you must.
This is what blogging should be. Taking the long view where the MSM takes the short view. Wolf Howling does a nice job of illustrating the NYT's logical dead end when it comes to Iraq. (Or perhaps how it tries to avoid the dead end.)

Posted by SoccerDad at February 18, 2008 8:50 AM
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