January 29, 2008

If ... you must 01/29/08

If you haven't read Almanac of Miscellaneous Merriment's Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day; you must.
I bet you didn't know that bubble wrap could tell you so much about yourself.
If you haven't read 50 years of Lego at Jack's Shack; you must.
62 pieces for every man, woman and child on the planet? Go into our playroom and I'll assume that you'll conclude that we have more than our share.
If you haven't read View from a Height's Clinton vs. McCain; you must.
If you haven't read Just one minute's I agree with Kevin Drum; you must.
These two are about the expected media backlashes two teflon candidates might expect to face eventually. I expect that McCain will face that backlash, but Obama won't. McCain, I think, will be hardened enough to handle it. After all wasn't he one of the Keating Five?
If you haven't read A run on the Bank at Powerline; you must.
*Sigh* Contemplating the end of Giuliani's run. One thing I don't get is that given the number of people who claim to resent the undue power accorded Iowa and New Hampshire, you'd think more of them would have applauded the mayor's effort to show they were right.
If you haven't read I'm Not Afraid of Obama As US President, Shiloh Musings; you must.
In short, she'd rather have an honest enemy than a dishonest friend. I'm not sure I agree but it's not easily dismissed either.
If you haven't read Don Surber's FISA overkill ; you must.
A nice primer on FISA and sentiments I agree with. It's worked hasn't it? Still translating that into political terms may not work so easily. President Bush hasn't done a very good job of explaining how his strategy has kept us safe. So I don't think that fighting FISA will incur a political price for the Democrats.
If you haven't read There's "charmless"... and then there is just plain callous at treppenwitz; you must.
In which he punctures the cynicism of Israel's foreign minister.
If you haven't read israelly cool!'s liveblogging the latest Monday, Jan 28; you must.
Especially read Sandmonkey's observations.

Posted by SoccerDad at January 29, 2008 6:01 AM
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