December 23, 2007

Haveil Havalim #146

Welcome to the 146th edition of haveil havalim.



A Simple Jew is proud to realize that a good quality has Unknowingly Continued Down The Chain. ****** Cosmic X in Jerusalem ****** shares a picture on his way to a Pidyon HaBen in Ramat Vizhnitz. Boker Tov Boulder tells of an unfortunate Boulder Eruv Freakout. Rubicon3 discusses a symposium about Being a Jew. Likelihood of Success asks us to weigh the significance of The captive word. In a similar vein see Therapy Doc's Think it don't say it. Life in Israel ponders with pride what I have in common with the Rosh yeshiva of Ponevezh. Shiloh Musings presents a disturbing appropriation of a Jewish exhibit in The Timna Tabernacle, Thanks JNF crediting it as an "article about missionaries by Ellen Horowitz" AidelMaidel wonders if a commonly expressed sentiment could be viewed as Trifling. Schvach - פני דל writes about the difficulties encountered by both New Jews, Old Jews. Return to top


ON THE FRINGE—AL TZITZIT tells the story of Shim'on, here. Remember me? in an original way, saying, "Being a prisoner in Egypt--oy, you shouldn't know from." Lion of Zion: writes about the World's Smallest Bible and Other Bible Matters. Return to top


BAKA DIARY asks Why We Can't Just "All Get Along" and explains why not.(h/t "via West Bank Mama. Shiloh Musings muses about What's Good for the Goose.... Israel Matzav writes about a piece of history from the days of an earlier intifada 1936 Jerusalem diary for sale on EBay. treppenwitz draws A line in the sand. Mere Rhetoric presents Olmert Government Suggests That Jewish State Should Hold On To Jewish Neighborhoods Of East Jerusalem, Diplomatic Hysteria Ensues. I don't think I need to add anything, the title says it all.

Israel Matzav wonders why Israel is Maintaining Egypt's 'honor': The videos disappear.

Israel Matzav presents Anti-Semites from 'Peace Now' try to turn a mezuza into an international incident. Is "antisemites" too harsh? Perhaps. But then read Elder of Ziyon to see who wasn't bothered by the incident. More thoughts from In Context.

Fiery Spirited Zionist presents Hamas Allowed to Defile Judaism's Holiest Site. What international outrage would accompany an Israel attempt to allow a Jew similar access to a Muslim shrine? And let's not forget what happened to Joshua's Tomb this week.

Ocean Guy wonders about a country of permanent victimhood inWhen will the Killing Start?.

Elder of Ziyon presents a roundup of Good news from Israel21c.

Daled Amos presents Psychological Study Of The Underdog Indicates There Is Hope For Israeli Hasbarah. Apparently size matters.

the Dry Bones Blog presents the conundrum that is Israeli Policy.

Jewish Current Issues doesn't want us to forget Scenes from Sderot (A Continuing Series).

Israeli Satire Laboratory continues his examination of the Israeli banking industry in Israeli Banks Fight Back: Invent New, Preposterous Commissions.

This Ongoing War shows the ongoing outrage of 20-Dec-07: Attacking school-yards.

YID With LID sees some history repeating in 10th of Tevet-2,500 Years Later, Jerusalem Still Under Siege.

SimplyJews presents words that strike fear into the hearts of all citizens regardless of citizenship: Hi, this is your public servant, can I help you?.

SimplyJews presents Baby Assad a Zionist stooge?. Blast! I thought he looked Jewish. :-)

Esser Agaroth presents Not Just Another Gush Katif Video posted at , saying, "This is the Gush Katif Video you probably didn't see yet."

YID With LID reminds us that as Israel considers further "disengagements" that GUSH KATIF FAMILIES STILL HOMELESS: Israel's Dirty Little Secret.
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Life in Israel presents Life in Israel: tzedaka - coins in many kupot saying, "This is an old post, but it re-awakened this week with a series of new comments that were very hot." I know Rabbi Leventhal and I find it inconcievable that anyone would cast aspersions on him. What's incredible is that he took over L'Maan Achai right when the war started last year and had to expand operations immediately to accomodate thousand of people from the north. And from everything I've heard he was up to the task. Rechovot: A Place to Expand considers the meaning of "it is better to give than to receive" in A World Without Gifts? saying, "First-time submission" Marketing & Fundraising Ideas contemplates the Jewish traditions of giving in How Should We Give?. Return to top


Israeli Satire Laboratory continues his examination of the Israeli banking industry in Israeli Banks Fight Back: Invent New, Preposterous Commissions. Return to top


Kashrut News presents cRc alerts: Grove Natural Snacks & Gift Tins from Hamakor Judaica, Restaurant News and OU alerts, recalls and new products, . me-ander presents the mouth wateringKCC #25 The Great Green One. A Simple Jew presents Guest Posting By Chabakuk Elisha - Non-Jewish Food?. Related thoughts at Jack's Shack and have you ever heard of Glatt Kosher Cheese Steaks?. BTW, anyone I talk to who used to not keep Kosher tells me that its seafood not cheeseburgers that they miss. Return to top


AidelMaidel marvels at Chaya the Magical Babysitter. Seraphic Secret discusses his family name and other topics (with the requisite actress reference) in Ninotchka and I saying, "A chance encounter with a humorless Jewish-Russian emigre yields some surprising wisdom about power and Israeli politics, and oh yes, memories of Greta Garbo in Ninotchka bubble to the surface." Lion of Zion is disturbed to learn : How Yeshivah High Schoolers Learn to Smoke. Still I can't believe that it's anywhere nearly as common as it was 30 years ago. Return to top Frugal Journey presents Interview: A Mother In Israel saying, "Life in Israel is very special, but it's also economically challenging. Here's how one mom copes." EllieTalk presents Kids Today!. Whenever I wonder about them, I start sounding like my parents! :-) Return to top


Bas~Melech Blogs! presents some really fine artwork at the first The J-Blogosphere Arts Exhibition. Schvach - פני דל presents More on Matisyahu. Return to top


The Hedgehog Blog comments on an editorial in the Forward: Lefty Wingnut "Joe Bashing" Goes Over the Edge. The sentiment quoted is fine, However, at end of editorial we read:

It doesn’t help when the biggest Jewish representative bodies allow themselves and their community to be identified in the public eye with a discredited administration and a larger conservative movement in terminal meltdown. It doesn’t help when Jews ignore or deny Israel’s genuine shortcomings. It doesn’t help when they overreact to criticism — hostile, benign or just clumsy — and intimidate their critics into resentful silence, reinforcing their enemies’ worst stereotypes.

Sorry, but the Forward is being irresponsible here. Leftist publications too often are willing to entertain the worst calumnies of Israel. If anything those going after Sen. Lieberman are emboldened by their acquiescence.

YID With LID writes about an example of said acquiescence YID With LID: Larry Cohler-Esses Leaves his Journalistic Integrity at the Door.

Judeopundit writes that she's b-a-a-a-a-c-k! Tehran Times: Yvonne's latest, including plagiarized content.
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Dec 30 - Soccer Dad

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