October 28, 2007

Haveil havalim #138

Welcome to the 138th edition of Haveil Havalim the Jewish/Israel blogging carnival.

Next week's hostess is Mother in Israel. To submit posts please use the Blog Carnival submission form. Also, this week I received 30 last minute submissions. Please, out of consideration for the host or hostess - especially if you have multiple submissions - don't wait for a last minute avalanche. Also, please note, I have set a deadline of Friday instead of Saturday night.

The Rabin Assassination


One thing that a blogger can do is follow a topic and become an expert on said topic. Anti-racist blog followed Daniel Pipes' attempt to speak at Wayne State University. Daniel Pipes Weblog appreciated the work and provided an index My Disrupted Talk at Wayne State University.

The lawsuit against Orthomom has been tossed. I can't claim to be a legal expert, but I don't find this result surprising. Similar cases have been decided in favor of the defendant. Though I can't imagine that it's any fun to be on the receiving end of any legal action.

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A Perpetual Outsider Writes... some Notes on the "New Antisemitism".

It's Almost Supernatural examines the Palestine Times on a college campus and sees the Evangelism of Hate.

Jewish Blogmeister reports Lakewood Assault: Attacker Found!. Unfortunately the attack, as of now, is not being classified as a hate crime.

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Backspin links to a notice about a new HBO special To Die in Jerusalem. Like other efforts in the past it appears to be an effort to equate a victim of terror with her killer.

A Mother in Israel presents Author Henkin: "My wife is not a JAP" posted at , saying, "Henkin puts his foot in his mouth when discussing Jewish stereotypes."

Commentary celebrates Steven Hill's 85th in Commentary Ľ Blog Archive Ľ Bravo Adam Schiff!.

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The Volokh Conspiracy presents Yale Valedictorians in 1785 and 1792 Delivered Their Orations in Hebrew:.

me-ander presents I finished that Great Neck book. with reservations.

Shiloh Musings presents a different history atJerusalem, The Underground Museum.

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The Muqata جميل في المقاطعة writes that a news item isn't really new in With Liberty and Passports for all..

Judeopundit tries to determine how many missiles Iran has aimed at Israel in Our missile launchers are standing by!.

SimplyJews who's a blogger not a journalist wonders Where exactly is Gaza? Nitpicking..

SimplyJews isn't reassured by The unbearable lightness of optimism.

Daled Amos presents Amnesty International on Palestinian Torture: West Bank Is Mirror Image of Gaza. i.e. governance isn't much better where the moderates are in charge.

Judeopundit presents >Battered wife to delay making supper for two hours following any future beating. Someone thought this was the best blog title of the week. I can't disagree.

Seraphic Secret presents Google Earth Used to Target Israel. Commercially available satellite photographs are confirming Israel's fears about Syrian reactor. The amount of sensitive intelligence that ins't classified nowadays is amazing.

Seawitch is gone, Shira bat Sarah is here and writes about another Israeli scientific breakthrough They "Chat" With One Another?.

Mere Rhetoric presents Liberal Think Tank: East J'lem Handover Not Enough To Appease Palestinians, Will Increase Terrorism (Plus: Losing East J'lem Now Means Losing The Temple Mount Later). Negotiations are supposed to imply and give and take not a give and give.

Esser Agaroth, last week's host, (if you haven't read it, catch up, NOW) presents Arab Drive By.

Israel Matzav presents a handy illustration in Getting from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv and back.

JoeSettler laments the threat that necessitates the fortifications of Kever Rachel (Rachel's Tomb) in Prison Break.

My Right Word presents Let's Break The Deal! saying, "Yisrael Medad keeps up the Temple Mount issue"

Fiery Spirited Zionist takes a mostly positive look at Sarkozy and Israel.

A Mother in Israel presents Entertaining obituaries and Yated Neeman safety warnings saying, "I had fun writing this post--I hope you enjoy it!"

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The Rabin Assassination

Greetings from the French Hill presents her unsettling thoughts My Thoughts On Rabin's Memorial.

The Muqata جميل في المقاطعة explains how the memorials constitute The Festival of Hate.

Jewlicious presents Some people think Yigal Amir should go free.

In Context comments on the selective memory of the memorializers in 12 Cheshvan.

Israeli Satire Laboratory presents Rabin Canonized Posthumously by Israeli Secular Church of Peace.

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A Mother in Israel, presents A Trip to the Shmitta Store posted at saying, "Contains a condensed guide to observing shmitta, the sabbatical year in Israel"

A Simple Jew presents Shmiras Einayim Forum. It's not just Shmiras Ha-lashon anymore.


Rabbi without a cause presents Rabbi Bluenose. (h/t Jack's Shack)

LIFE-of-RUBIN presents Chabad Lends 70 Acre Campus to Help Fight Fires. He's right, it is a Kiddush Hashem!

****** Cosmic X in Jerusalem ****** presents From the Wisdom of Rav Avraham Shapira. It sounds like one of those stories you'd read in a Jewish folklore book.

Tamara Eden presents Tamara Eden: Welcome to the Family: A New J-Blog saying, "There's a great new blog that I wanted to share with everyone. Often an overlooked community in the blogosphere, this blog comes at a great time, JewsByChoice.Org."

parshablog presents Igros Moshe on Tuition, part iii. This is a fascinating look at a topic of great interest to anyone with children in day schools and Yeshivas.

Life in Israel posts about mixed up priorities in only time for narishkeit.

Life in Israel presents Ever hear of this minhag?. Maybe he has.

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Yisrael Medad presents So, Partition Isn't the Solution? - From the Hills of Efraim - Blogs - Arutz Sheva saying, "Yisrael Medad, who still maintains his MyRightWord blog, now has a blog over at Arutz7 or, Israel National News called "From the Hills of Efrayim". In this one he points out how Turkey has it over Israel."

YID With LID presents The Hero of the Al Dura Hoax -Philippe Karsenty.

Elder of Ziyon presents The Bidoon. Or "why are the only recognized oppressed minorities in the Middle East the Palestinians?"


Israel Matzav presents Israel Matzav: Exclusive: US to train and arm terrorist responsible for Wultz murder. This will lead to peace, won't it?

My Right Word presents But They Have Nothing To Show. What's Israel gained so far from negotiations?

Yourish.com presents Itís UN Day: Letís act like the UN. And be pro-Israel. Not.

JoeSettler presents Jerusalem Divided.

YID With LID presents Distruction of Joseph's Tomb Will Happen to the Kotel. And please contact Yid With Lid about an effort to fight the division of Yerushalayim/Jerusalem.

Israel Matzav presents Israel Matzav: US demands Abu Mazen appoint murderer of Americans as his deputy. Dahlan, moderate, man of peace, guarantor of security.

ON THE FRINGEóAL TZITZIT presents The F-word, revisited saying, ". . . as far as Iím concerned, we women are all in this together, whether or not we choose to call ourselves feminists. . . I don't think that we are well served by fighting with one another, be it over our legal rights or over differing religious perspectives."

Esser Agaroth presents Kenesset Bans Sandals! saying, "a little serious, but mostly tongue in cheek." I guess a little decorum couldn't hurt.

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Torah Thoughts presents Va'Yeira: an honest days work.

Daf notes presents Transferring Inheritance Away From Yishmael.

Shiloh Musings announces newly available shiurim (lessons) in Good News for Bible Lovers.

Elie's Expositions presents a very funny dialogue in Ain't It A Shem?.

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Psycho Toddler presents wonderful memories at NCSY Works. And please read West Bank Mama's followup!

Life of Maya explains why she will attend her college reunion.

Letters of Thought presents Mostly Settled.

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