October 25, 2007

Submitted 10/25/2007

The Watcher's Council's nominations for the week are in.
No Place Like Home - Done With Mirrors argues with a position paper written by two leading lights of the Democratic Party about Iraq. He argues (effectively) that they are looking for political peace at home rather than tranquility in Iraq.

News Journal Writer Falls Prey to Media Matters
- The Colossus of Rhodey explains how someone coud argue that the media is conservative. He could be taking his cues from an organization so liberal that Maureen Dowd or Paul Krugman would be a centrist.
The World Is Watching - The Glittering Eye notes that unlike in the past we can and do find out about what's going on in Pakistan - and we have the resources to get the context right too.
The MSM's Rush Limbaugh Horror Story - Bookworm Room gives the history of Rush Limbaugh/"phony soldiers" story. I really hadn't followed it, but this is an excellent review of the whole sordid affair. The congressional Democrats and their media enablers come out looking mendacious and cynical.
DC Coughs Up a War On Terror Win - Cheat Seeking Missiles covers another story that I hadn't followed, the recent FISA bill that passed the Senate. For good measure he exposes the self-interested motives of the ACLU.
Alzheimer's and Education: The Bad and the Worse - The Education Wonks presents a story about a study that shows that education may delay the apparent onset of Alzheimer's but that education may also hasten the decline of Alzheimer's patients once they've been diagnosed.
Cold Civil War - Rhymes With Right laments that in domestic politics "never the twaing shall meet." (Well he doesn't use those words, but that's the idea.
An Inconvenient Demographic Truth - Big Lizards unravels the tangled skien of the charge by presidential candidate Barack Obama about the head of the Justice Department's civil rights division. No, Mr. Tanner, was not being racist. He was actually being a pretty standard liberal. Unfortunately there was some information there that the would be President didn't quite grasp.
An LA Times Love Letter To Che Guevara - ‘Okie’ on the Lam show how an LA Times article abandon any pretense of objectivity while glorifying the chic radial Che. I love the way the media use the term "critics" in order to dismiss a certain criticism. (The cue is when they present one view of a subject and then afterwards present a couple of sentences rebutting the first view in the name of "critics.")
Harry Reid's DREAM Act Is America's Nightmare... Joshua's Army Alert!! - Joshuapundit lays out the problems with the Dream Act and asks his readers to act. Fortunately the bill was defeated. Unfortunately I wasn't able to post this in time to encourage others to do so. Sorry about that, Chief.
Kill the Messenger! Or Is the Message Already Dead? - Right Wing Nut House writes that the conservatism of Reagen is dead and the Republicans need to remake themselves.

My submission, Walking back the cat X 2 followed the stories of the Syrian nuclear plant and the plot to assassinate PM Olmert to see how much could be confirmed from reading the MSM.

Read, Enjoy. Be Informed.

Posted by SoccerDad at October 25, 2007 5:25 AM
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