June 10, 2007

Haveil Havalim #120

haveil havalim - June 10, 2007 - The 6/12 Edition


6 Day War
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6 Day War

Mr Bagel presents Follow Me - The Six Day War. A series of 11 Videos , saying, "A series of 11 videos of the 'Follow Me' documentary, a historical review of the 1967 6 day war. Go to the Mr Bagel link to get the details."

Neocon Express presents images and more in The Six Day War...That Never Ends.

Deja Vu reviews the Six Day War from 3 different perspectives with excerpts from her book: American Jewish Perspective, the Israeli perspective and the American Perspective.

Schvach Yid - פני דל shares a poignant memory of the 6 Day War in When B’ezrat HaShem Became Baruch HaShem .

Meryl Yourish presents Forty years later: Jerusalem of Gold.

ShrinkWrapped siezes upon a recent news event as A Perfect Metaphor for how the Palestinians have failed to create a state since the Six Day War.

My right word gives an interview about the Six Day War.

Israel Matzav focuses on the capture of the Kotel in Forty years ago tonight .

Israel Matzav refutes Tom Segev and does much more in Six Day War results still 'good for the Jews'.

My Right Word provides a photographic refutation to Segev.

Melanie Phillips's Diary shows how coverage of the Six Day War represents a front in The war against the Jews (2) .

treppenwitz (and a number of other bloggers) writes This picture made me cry. The picture in question is the famous one of the 3 Israeli paratroopers standing on the plaza of the Kotel (the Western Law) looking upwards in awe after the capture of Judaism's holiest site next to a picture of the same men today. By all means follow the link to find out what these three heroes are doing now as well as their memories from the war!

Seraphic Secret presents The Sounds of Liberation. The soundtrack (or screenplay) if you will of the above picture.

Elder of Ziyon gets clippings from 1967 that shows what happened Before the Six Day War.

It's Almost Supernatural gets Arab cartoons to explain What Was the 6 Day War Really About?

One People critiques "...NPR news coverage on the Six Day War" in NPR and the 6 Day War.

I sent out a link to Time Magazine's coverage of the Six Day War to a number of bloggers hoping they'd find it of interest. Quite a few did (though not all who did got it directly from me).

Fiery Spirited Zionist contrasts Time's current coverage of the Middle East with its coverage 40 years ago in Coverage of Six day war anniversary.

Yid With Lid writes about Six Day War revisionist History.

LGF linked to the two posts above and added his own thoughts at How Time reported the Six Day War in 1967.

A Blog For All reflects on the Time Magazine article and a lot ore in Reflections on the Six Day War.

Elder of Ziyon was inspired to write Nasser's lies and Arab honor after reading the Time article.

The Spine uses the Time Magazine article as the focus of THE SIX DAY WAR, 40 YEARS LATER.

J O S H U A P U N D I T presents Demonizing victory: The `67 War revisited.

Bookworm Room remembers The Six Day War in real time through her mother's collection of old Life Magazines.

Simply Jews presents the cover of one of those editions of Life Magazine, which he remembers fondly in 40 years later.

Keep the posts above in mind when you read Greetings from the French Hill who writes about the 6 day war while not writing about it (huh? - read it and you'll understand) in Why I'm Not Writing About The Six Day War, saying, "This article discusses the real reason why the Six Day War is undergoing severe revisionism."

Zionist.com presents "An honest examination of UN Resolution 242 and the subsequent events of of the past four decades reveals that Israel’s control of Judea and Samaria in fact constitutes a legal occupation..." in Israel's legal occupation.

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This past week Nefesh B'Nefesh, in honor of Parshas Shelach, which recounts the story of the spies who brought back a negative report about Eretz Yisrael, asked bloggers for their reasons for making Aliyah - moving to Israel. Seeing that Life in Israel was involved in this project, I asked him if he could round up as many as he could. I really appreciate his efforts! I'll link to different bloggers and offer one of their reasons. Follow the links to learn more!

Life in Israel
Softball (sure you have it in the US too, but Softball in Israel? the best!)
Hubs Cubs
Hebrew: Lashon haKodesh is the basic vernacular.
Am Echad
The fulfillment of Biblical prophesy.

Sabra At Heart
Golan_Heights and all the different hikes in that area.
Chayyei Sarah
There is a sense here that Judaism is an organic part of life, less rigid than the way it's practiced in the US, and therefore more accessible.
Treppenwitz (Actually Mrs. Treppenwitz)
Believe it or not, the “yenta” factor! I LOVE that all the Bubbies will yell at me if they think Yonah is over or under dressed! I love that people feel so connected that they are not shy about expressing their concern!
Life Through My Eyes
HaTikvah. A national anthem that actually speaks to your soul. Now imagine singing it with 40,000 Israelis at sporting events ...
If you Will it..
Israel gives me an overwhelming sense of belonging.
Mother in Israel
The produce. Fresh and in season. And one thing that is much cheaper than in the US.
Libi B'Mizrach
Really feeling the New Year start in the fall, with Rosh Hashana, as the whole country gets ready for the chagim.
Being able to ask a shopkeeper if a kitchen item needs to be toveled in the mikvah.
Jameel (Muqata)
Can be Oleh LaRegel to Yerushalayim for the Chagim/holidays...or any day!
BECAUSE IT’S A MITZVAH. (Though you have to skip to the end to discover that.)
Messing with people's minds when they find out that I'm a religious and right-wing Israeli and yet not a racist.
I get to carry a gun (more than one in fact), and go to really cool (though really difficult) CTU training (and have definitely become as proficient as "Jack Bauer" is supposed to be).
Esser Agaroth
The simple, everyday act of commuting to work can be a lesson in ancient, Jewish history and geography.
And courtesy of Esser Agaroth, here are 10 excuses and their refutations!

Though not directly applicable, Daf Notes Discussion starts a discussion on Loshon Hara on Eretz Yisroel. Why not join in with your own thoughts?

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Hakim Abdullah a Muslim blogger wonders How Do Jews Pray?. Though he says that he's read Rabbi Donen's book, I don't think he understood it fully.

V'HeChadash Yitkadesh presents Museum Religion saying, "Despite the way it's sometimes expressed, religion isn't a museum."

Hirhurim reviews A new Siddur.

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The Rest

Jewish Blogmeister starts a series on Best in Kosher Food : Dietetic!.

Perspectives of a Nomad presents Iran Ups the Pressure on Israel.

Boker Tov Boulder presents My kingdom for a map about the infamous General Order 11. However not all of Grant's dealings with Jews were negative, see here and here for (counter)examples.

Judeopundit presents What 's really wrong with the proposed British academic boycott of Israel.

Big Bicep Guy has really been busy!

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That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of haveil havalim using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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