February 15, 2007

Free and open exchange of ideas

Universities are supposed to be institutions that engage in free and open discussions of ideas. Yet, it seems that many institutions are open to certain ideas but not other.

LGF notes that Stanford will be showing an incendiary Turkish film.

Meanwhile the Brandeis administration seems to have problems with Daniel Pipes. President Reinharz replies here.

While it's possible that Reinharz's comments were somehow taken out of context, Pipes's brief against the university was much broader than that. As Pipes wrote

What, precisely, are those scholarly resources available at Brandeis? Might Hose be referring to the University's leading specialist on "contemporary Islamic thought and practice" (the title of her course), Prof. Natana DeLong-Bas (NEJS), an apologist for Al-Qaeda whose depraved thinking was exposed in several recent articles (including "Natana DeLong-Bas: American Professor, Wahhabi Apologist" and "Sympathy for the Devil at Brandeis," from frontpagemag.com)? Or is he referring to Khalil Shikaki, a Crown Center fellow who has been credibly accused of terrorist links and has a second-to-none record in getting it wrong in his chosen field of Palestinian public opinion?

Reinharz may not want his university to become a battleground of the Middle East. But as the comments above show, he has already taken sides in some of his hirings. And they haven't been on the side of Israel.

UPDATE: The Muqata has information on Barnard's descent and what to do about. Boker Tov Boulder looks at Fascism on Campus at Hunter College. Bookworm room has two posts on the descent of SFSU. And JoshuaPundit writes about a strange case at Guilford University where supposed victims of a hate crime have now recanted their story and stopped intimidating the school.

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Posted by SoccerDad at February 15, 2007 6:00 AM
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