September 19, 2006

The first action hero - military monday 12

I heard an interview with Sergeant Gerald Wolford yesterday morning on Dave Durian's Morning Show.

Sgt. Wolford won a Silver Star for his actions when he encountered insurgents as he and his men attempted to secure bridges crossing the Euphrates. During a 4 hour firefight, two of his men were injured - but returned to battle - earning Bronze stars.

At one point in the fighting Sgt. Wolford noticed that rifles weren't stopping the enemy so he improvised

As his unit came under machinegun fire, Wolford recognized that the American rifle fire was having no impact on enemy forces in their reinforced positions. Therefore, he decided to bring heavier firepower to bear. Wolford recalls
We had AT-4s, which are 74mm anti-tank missiles that are shoulder-fired. This was a good tactical opportunity to shoot a missile. So I fired one of those into the house and the whole hut just collapsed.

Read the whole story. (Other accounts are here and here.

Apart from his Silver Star Gerald Wolford is going to be honored in unique fashion. He is one of the first soldiers to be chosen by America's Army as a Real Hero.

In an effort to give proper due to our soldiers the Army will be making these soldiers into action figures. On the radio Sgt. Wolford said that his 10 year old son is excited that his father will now be an action figure. (The action figure will be holding an M4 rifle not a rocket launcher.)

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