July 30, 2006

Haveil Havalim #80

Welcome to Haveil Havalim edition #80. The purpose of Haveil Havalim is to feature the best Jewish and Israel related blog posts of the past week.

Of course many Jewish and pro-Israel bloggers have been writing about the war. But there have been other items of note.

Did you hear about the ancient psalter found in an ancient Irish blog? Apparently blogs have been around longer than anyone realized.

And while this is a time of trouble for Israel, this time of year has been a time of mourning. This week Jews observe the fast day of Tisha B'Av to commemorate the destruction of the two Holy Temples.

Not Quite Perfect, the official artist of Haveil Havalim has produced a haunting graphic.

Elie's Expositions reflects on this time of the year. And on to the regular stuff.

The UN helps those who won’t help themselves and blames those who do

Crossing the Rubicon2 is considering starting a John Bolton fan club.

Has Greetings from French Hill found the ideal usage of the acronym UN?

Aliyah Blog asks if the UN can be trusted in Lebanon.

Ocean Guy demonstrates a contrast between two groups of refugees.

Elder of Ziyon shows that it is possible to provide for your own, without making them into a political symbol.

Anti-Zionism etc.

Aliyah Blog discusses the recent paper that finds that anti-Zionist sentiments predict antisemitism.

A Simple Jew discusses Jewish anti-Zionism.

Ajay's View offers a few thousand words demonstrating the peaceful demonstrations of the religion of peace.

The Ignoble Experiment has early information on the hate crime in Seattle.

Admit that you're Jewish or support Israel? Not always a good career move according to Kesher Talk. (h/t Pillage Idiot)

Blogging etc.

Life-in-Israel was interviewed. Kol Hakavod.

In an attempt to internationalize Haveil Havalim, The Ignoble Experiment has sent in a link to a Russian blog. (Is Akrav Hebrew - in which case it means "scoripion" or is Russian?)

The Ignoble Experiment recounts her (telephone) encounter with Rep. Steve Israel (along with a number of other bloggers.)

Perspectives of a Nomad sees hope in chat rooms.

Israel’s fight

My Right Word corrects a false impression tossed out so casually by the media on Israel's obligation to Lebanese civilians.

Treppenwitz calculates the odds.

Life-in-Israel offers his thoughts on watching the results of an attack on Kiryat Shemona.

The Ignoble Experiment summarizes the current conflict in a nutshell as a result of an ADL event she attended.

Life-in-Israel has sympathy for former PM Ariel Sharon whose medical situation has deteriorated even further.

West Bank Mama says Hurray for testosterone.

Israel Matzav says that nothing less than all out war will stop Hezbollah.

Israel Matzav explains why Israel had to bomb Tyre.

Meryl Yourish observes that Israel's changing its strategy toward Gaza, for the better.

Kesher Talk wonders if Israel will have the wherewithall to do what's necessary to defeat Hezbollah.

Remember the attack on the Marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983? Those killed weren't just part of a news story for Ocean Guy. They were his comrades and friends.

It's Almost Supernatural recalls an old Charles Krauthammer column on how to judge Israel.

Knocking on the Golden Door calculates that Israel must do what's best for its citizens.

Haifa a "settlement?" IMRA has the goods. (h/t My Right Word)

Blog Free laments that the trend of the growing number of internal Israeli refugees.

Life-in-Israel comments that Sheikh Nasrallah wasn't expecting such a harsh response from Israel.

ConservaJew explains why Israel fights.

Kesher Talk provides a snapshot of life and links to find many more.

Boker Tov Boulder carries a report that longer range missiles may have hit Afula.

Bint Jbeil

Israel Matzav describes the battle of Bin Jbeil.

Occidentality presents a satellite photo of Beit Jbeil, where eight Israeli soldiers were killed last week.

Meryl Yourish provides many new details including, that it wasn’t an ambush. (And thus no reason to trumpet Hezbollah’s great military prowess.)

Jewish Life

A mother in Israel says that there are no lactation police.

Cross-Currents updates the Bloggers praying for Israel initiative.

SerAndEz wonders why some people put more effort into finding the right mate than in working to support that mate.

Me-Ander appreciates the great number of Kosher restaraunts in the NY area.

Velveteen Rabbi discusses the purpose of prayer.

We'd like to welcome Daf-Notes to the Blogosphere. It is devoted to discussions of the daily study of the Gemora (Talmud.)

R' Chaim HaQoton discusses some of the laws of observing the Sabbath.

Letters of Thought thinks about what it means to be Jewish.

The state department

Ben Yehuda wonders why the United States is picking up the bill for rescuing Americans who were warned away from Lebanon by the U.S. government.

Jon Swift wonders to what degree Lebanese civilians should be immune to the violence.

Shiloh Musings hears Secretary Rice discussing the New Middle East. Where has she heard that before?

Supporting Israel

Daled Amos recounts the recent trip of Rabbi Avi Weiss to Israel.

Ajay's View (another new blog) asks (and answers) why we support Israel.

Crossing the Rubicon2 recommends a musical way to support Israel.

The lighter side

Shiloh Musings is impressed with a recent American TV show she watched. (Though I've never watched it I'm wondering from the description if it's JAG.)

There are no feminists on a sinking ship is appalled by the behaviour of Mets fans.

American Jewish History links to a Moment magazine article remembering the Beatles' manager Brian Epstein.

Last week Life-of-Rubin noted that Bill Maher supports the President's support of Israel. He wasn't the only one to notice. Day by Day also noticed the similarity between the PA and the UN.

Thoughts on Life

Phish Aliyah's looking for a good new last name.

SerAndEz enjoys Elianna.

ConservaJew ponders eternal life.

Perspectives of a Nomad reflects on his past.

Jewish Blogmeister wonders why bank errors never seem to happen to him.

The Ignoble Experiment shares her burden with us.

Treppenwitz frets over changing his vacation plans.

There are no feminists on a sinking ship considers the importance of a dollar.

Greetings from French Hill wants to get away. To Hawaii.

My Right Word wonders why feminists don't get more exercised about the lack of equality in the Muslim world.

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Remember, that while the hosts and hostesses of Haveil Havalim do a wonderful job of editing and searching for interesting posts, they can't see everything. If you want a better chance of being included in Haveil Havalim please submit one or two posts for inclusion. (And please don't submit everything or nearly everything you posted in a week. Winnowing out your best posts takes time.)

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