March 21, 2006

Poisoned ivies updates

Crossing the Rubicon2 has assembled an excellent roundup of the early blogospheric response to "The Lobby." She adds her own useful comments. And as a bonus she links to Best of the Web Today where James Taranto has an excellent response to the professors.

Elder of Ziyon (he of the infamous protocols :-) finds that "the Lobby" is sort of like potato chips. Eat one and you eat them all. He finds a number of angles to attack the premises of the good professors' work.

Outside the Beltway has responded well. Powerline has a couple of excellent responses too. Astute Blogger asks a riddle.

UPDATES: The Harvard paper gives Deja Vu Deja Vu about "cool" antisemitism.
The Jawa Report corrects the mis-impression that it was written by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
Secular Blasphemy has no sympathy for Walt and Mearsheimer over their newfound friends.
Neither does All things Beautiful.
Daled Amos shows how Walt's and Mearsheimer's arguments have been woven together from the threads of "progressive" attitudes towards Israel (especially) in recent years.
I called the paper "sophomoric." Maryland Conservatarian explains why

This is nothing more than a collection of cherry-picked anecdotes to support one-sided arguments.
AbbaGav gives the condition a name Proof by a Thousand Assertions.
PowerLine notes an irony: Walt is in the employ of the Lobby. (I was wondering if the Belfers who endowed his chair were the same ones who contributed to YU Powerline answered the question.)
Best of the Web Today (second item) has an excellent followup to Best of the Web Yesterday (first item).

The sewage has apparently overflowed Harvard Yard and some of it has seeped into Christian Science Monitor.

UPDATE II: I'm Ha'aretz PhD notes another irony. The sources Walt and Mearsheimer use are almost exclusively Israeli or Jewish.

Boker Tov Boulder lets us know what going on at Jual Cole's. She also contrasts Walt and Mearsheimer to President Bush.

TPMCafe has a number of articles that are favorable towards Walt and Mearsheimer's paper including this one. And if the contributors to TPMCafe are any indication of the way Democrats are thinking they aren't considered that radical in some circles

Second, it is worth noting that some of the most lucid and compelling voices in Democratic foreign policy circles are in fact scholars who ground their ideas in realist theory. These realist-oriented security studies scholars who include the top figures in the field such as John Mearsheimer, Steve Walt, Barry Posen, Robert Art, and many others all have distinct and sophisticated realist-oriented theoretical views of world politics. But they also have spoken out against Bush foreign policy and opposed the Iraq war in unusually systematic and intelligent ways.

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Posted by SoccerDad at March 21, 2006 6:38 AM
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