February 12, 2006

Snow thoughts


Elie's Expositions looks at the snow, thinks of a song, and takes comfort.

Rather, it reminds me how one can climb out of the depths of depression, and that the key to beating it may well be in the very thing that Paul's protagonist claimed to disdain - friendship and love.

A Whispering Soul uses the snow to reflect on the path he's taken.

But you know what? The world is harsh and a diversion is really welcome sometimes. There is much beauty to be had in the arts, and much one can learn from. There have been films and books which have helped shape who I am, others which have led to fascinating discussions and debates which have changed the way I think or broadened my horizons, and then sometimes there is just the thrill of discovering something alive and unexpected.

So why don't I indulge more? For the same reason I did not pursue a career in the arts - which is to say, partly because my rebbeim talked against it, and partly because I was afraid of getting lost. I am so drawn to that world, I have been afraid of where it would take me.

And while we're discussing snow. Since the Fire Ant Gazette wasn't able to get a picture, I hope he doesn't mind one from a place where the phenomenon isn't nearly as unique. (Why did I think of him? Because in the description of his post he wrote It's snowing.

Or there are big flocks of birds with a collective dandruff problem.

When we were waiting for the real snow to begin suffering through mere flurries, I suggested that what we were witnessing was "bird dandruff.")

UPDATE: And here, how could I forget this from the ever fascinating Maryland Weather Blog:

One of this region's most persistent amateur weather prognosticators has gone out on a scientific limb and predicted a significant winter storm for the period of Feb. 14-16.

Jim Hughes has been tinkering with weather forecasting for the region for many years, investigating what he believes are direct links between patterns he's observed in very distant events - including solar storms and "space weather" - and subsequent weather events in the Washington D.C. area.

The date of that prediction: Jan 27, 2006. Two weeks ago. Not bad for an "amateur". I look forward to seeing more of his predictions.

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Posted by SoccerDad at February 12, 2006 6:44 AM
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