September 18, 2005

Haveil Havlim #37

Welcome to the 37th edition of Haveil Havalim the Jewish/ Israel blogging "carnival". I'll have more to add later, but I really have to run now.

UPDATE: I've been considering some changes in Haveil Havalim. For one thing, it's been suggested that I change the name of Haveil Havalim to something more accessible. We don't get a whole lot of publicity and that could be due to the obscure name. So question #1 should I change the name of the Jewish/Israel blogging carnival and if so to what? Please comment or e-mail me.

The second idea I've had is moving Haveil Havalim to its own site. So while the editors would rotate it would alway be in the same place. The downside is that then the editor probably wouldn't get as much traffic when he/she hosts. But it might be more accessible.

Whatever I do, it probably won't be done quickly unless there's an overwhelming response. Overall, I've been pleased with the results of recent weeks. Haveil Havalim is getting increased readership and more volunteer hosts so things have been picking up.

Next week's scheduled hostess is Kesher Talk followed on Oct 2 by Serandez. More on that later!

First an important public service announcement. Batya has a friend, Judith Nussbaum, who needs a kidney. If you or anyone you know is in a position to donate one please contact Mrs. Nussbaum.

The Jewish World
You might think that I'm only or mostly interested in politics. But that's not true. I love the offbeat and uncommon. Thanks to Kesher Talk, I came to this story at Normblog (from the Jerusalem Post):

It's an item about Shlomo and Dina Jin of Kai Feng, reconnecting with a Jewish past.

Fundamentally Freund, mentioned in the news accounts, puts his own perspective on this Spark of Hope in Trying Times.

A few days ago I blogged about the visit of the Washington Post to the Jewish Autonomous region in Eastern Russia.

Burning Synagogues
My Orbiter Dicta addresses the Palestinian destruction of the synagogues of Gaza in "The Fires of Gaza" (recommended by Presence.)

Mirty's Place channels Don McLean to find some appropriate words to describe the scene.

Daled Amos puts the shoe on the other foot and asks "What If Jews Destroyed Mosques?"

Different River is bothered by the phenomena of Burning Synagogues for Peace.

Serandez looks at the desecration and considers what the burning synagogues show us about what the Palestinian struggle is for in Palestinians take over Gaza.

One of the perverse things about the Palesitnians is that they haven't gotten their stories about the Holocaust straight. I've seen them claim that 1) the Holocaust didn't happen 2) that it did happen and that Israel was founded because of the resulting sympathy for the Jews at the expense of the Arabs 3) that it did happen and that Zionists assisted the Nazis and that 4) that what Israel's doing to them is another Holocaust. (I think I've seen one or two others but don't remember them right now.) IRIS, in its nicely re-designed website notes that even smaller issues get a variety of different and contradictory treatments in 8 Conflicting Explanations of the PA Synagogue Desecration

Canonist believes that the burning of the synagogues of Gaza is only political.

Washed out Torahs
Mystical Paths has a photo essay A Sad Sight - Recuing Flooded Torahs from New Orleans. (via Life of Rubin, via Dov Bear)

Gen Almog
Slightly Mad doesn't think much was gained by keeping Gen Almog out England, in and the winner is ..

Elie's Expositions tries to remember Aaron in dreams and confronts the many little things that remind him while he's awake.

Five Years Later (pointed to by Pearlies of Wisdom in the comments) tells of seeing Timmi in a dream.

It's Almost Supernatural remembers South Africa's Chief Rabbi Cyril Harris. Unfortunately, he later notes that some of South Africa's media weren't exacty respectful in their tributes.

Marvin Schick in Cross Currents remembers Orthodox Jewish activism of Forty years ago and laments that it hasn't been sustained.

Biur Chametz remembers ten years ago and performs an Oslo post-mortem.

Jewish Alienation in Europe
Bloghead has a couple of posts about how Europe is putting out the "UNWELCOME" mat for Jews.

In a similar vein, Melanie Phillips writes about Britian's descent into Madness (parts 1 and 2).

Israel, the Palestinians and the Peace Process
Elder of Ziyon skillfully lays out the implications of Palestinian "Victimology."

Knocking on the Golden Door tells us that the Israeli Supreme Court Orders Rerouting of Security Fence. While I'm no fan of the High Court's actions in this case - they have told Israel to ignore the security establishment and listen to activists - it nonetheless demonstrates a contrast between civil society on one side and the homegrown anarchy on the other.

SerandEZ takes a systematic look at what happened when Israel left Gaza in Abbas vs Hamas and he's not impressed.

The Orange Revolution declares in Renewed that those Jews evicted from Gaza will bring their faith directly to the people.

In Lamentations, Shiloh Musings reflects sadly on the recent events in Israel.

In Proud Parents she praises a young girl who took a stand.

Solomonia announces the unveiling of Second Draft, a media criticism website- specifically about the Middle East - from Prof Richard Landes.

The Bush administration and Israel
Sundries Shack scores Secretary Rice for her unwarranted optismism in Rice talks happy while Gaza burns.

On the other hand, using the attempted arrest of Gen Almog, Random Jottings argues that this was one more argument for voting for President Bush who opposes the International Criminal Court that would almost certainly increase the number of these outrages.

Jewish Current Issues is again looking into what was really said (or written) in The Disenagement Deal, that links to his front page story in the Jewish Press.

Outside the Blogway considers America's Dark Side when it involves appeasing the Arabs.

Other stuff in Israel
Elms in the Yard writes about the Jerk Tax as a way of improving driving safety in Israel. (This reminds me of a few months old post by Biur Chametz demonstrating that despite popular perceptions traffic safety in Israel is actually improving. The "Jerk Tax" will hopefully continue improving this trend.)

Hula Hoop enters the world of blogging with a satire about the Israeli government's questionable claims.

Technological Advances
The UAV blog announces that Israel Aircraft Industries will be supplying new Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to the Israeli Airforce.

TBIFOC tells about a new patrol robot to be used by Israel in RoboJew.

Gizmodo reports on Computer + Table = Weirdness

Well two out of three ain't bad.

The other side
Samantha's Story attributes the burning of the synagogues to 38 years of oppression.

In Another War Criminal* Escapes Britain *(yeah, yeah . . . “alleged”), Lean Left regrets the escape of Gen Almog from England. (The first comment is excellent.)

Coming Anarchy views Israel from Syria in Syria Update 3

Rafah Pundits welcome us to freedom.

Elsewhere and Otherwise
Angry in the Great White North is bothered by the decision to allow Muslims to handle their own civil matters in their own courts and then the further decision to disqualify all religions from having matters resolved in their own courts.

Mr Satire reports that LA Mayor Villaraigoso proposes replacing the 10th commandment.

Israel Perspectives points us to a new website Blogs of Zion, which is devoted to discussing what Zionism is, was and is becoming.

Finally in an appropriate coda to a feature that could be called Vanity of Vanities, Crossing the Rubicon2's obsession with all things Israel and Jewish in the blogosphere may get her computer confiscated :-).


Next Week's (edition #38, Sept 25, 2005) hostess is Kesher Talk. Please e-mail her with your nominations at judith at yehudit dot org. The following week, (edition #39, Oct 2, 2005) newcomer SerandEZ has volunteered to host. Please e-mail him at serandez at verizon dot net. As always you may e-mail me directly at dhgerstman at hotmail dot com or use Conservative Cat's handy dandy carnival submission page. Thank you very much.

Haveil Havalim (The Jewish/Israeli blog carnival) can also be found at The Truth Laid Bear's ÜberCarnival.

If you'd like to host Haveil Havalim - Vanity of Vanities - The Jewish/Israel blogging carnival - send me an e-mail at dhgerstman at hotmail dot com and I'll pencil, er electron you in.

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You should just call it by its English name: Vanity of Vanities. That was the original idea, right? The Biblical reference is instantly recognizable to most people, and very appropriate for the People of the Book.

Posted by: David Boxenhorn at September 18, 2005 07:40 AM

I think that editors would prefer hosting it on their own blogs, but you might want to set up a Vanity of Vanities blog with pointers to the latest one.

In fact, if you do this, you should back-post the old ones, so we can easily go back and look at them.

Posted by: David Boxenhorn at September 18, 2005 07:45 AM

Let's keep it at the host's site, or it's not worth the effort, at least for low hit volume bloggers like me.
The name isn't suitable, because King Solomon looked down on the hevel, norishkeit. That's the best translation I can think of. And our stuff is on a much higher level.
If we're known as "the People of the Book," then this is: "The People of the Book Blog"
With a good change in name, those of us hosting won't be investing our time in "a waste of time," another explaination of the meaning of "hevel hevalim."

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