July 10, 2005

Haveil Havalim #28

Jews in odd places:
Critical Mastiff offers his Thoughts on Batman Begins. If you're planning to see the movie, though, beware there are spoilers.

In honor of the anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, Pillage Idiot presents the Gettysburg Address in Hebrew. Rishon Rishon gives a preferred Hebrew translation. By the way, who was the main speaker at the dedication of the Gettysburg cemetery?

Eytan Kobre at Cross-Currents thinks that Daf Yomi played a role in the decision to deny New York the 2012 Olympics. Need i say this is tongue in cheek?

My Urban Kvetch found Israeli tea on Will and Grace. (I guess that's not so unusual given that the character Grace is Jewish.

Jewish Music Blog gives the secular sources of some popular Jewish tunes. (via Life of Rubin)

Yourish has a seemingly all-encompassing Israel News Roundup.

Views on Disengagement
House of Joy is a house of doubts. She expresses her views very well and includes an exhortation to people like me who still live in the States. Commenter Ze'ev agrees and seconds the point with his own observation.

Israel Perspectives (Ze'ev the commenter above) wonders what fateful decisions he will make to show his objection.

Chayyei Sarah who mentioned House of Joy has her own thoughts. She askswhat color is my bracelet but sees value in unity above all else.

Not a Fish is leaning toward the blue in Too Late.

Medical Madhouse (in a slightly older post) recounts his feelings on returning to his homeland for vacation that include, not surprisingly, his thoughts on politics and disengagement, in Israeli Departed.

The Chainik Hocker focuses on the likelihood of many soldiers refusing to follow orders to remove Jews from their homes in Gaza.

Alas, Shiloh Musings gives advice what to do if someone protesting is a victim of "Police Brutality."

Mystical Paths provides a map showing the schedule of disenagement.

CosmicX has More Exclusive Cosmic X Protest Pics.

My Right Word wonders if the proper questions from a pollster might change peoples' minds about disengagement.

via An Unsealed Room, On the Face writes of the upcoming disengagement from the view of reporters and reservists in Coming Closer to Home.

Israelly Cool! tells us the problems the Color Orange is causing.

Down then Up
All of this disengagement blogging has gotten me down. Fortunately Me-Ander has a pick-me-up. Specifically she reports that Machanei Yehuda is going upscale!

Rabbi Jeremy Rosen has an extended post about Anglican Divestment. In short: not all Anglicans are culpable. He also briefly discusses issues of interfaith dialogue.

Atlas Shrugs writes of the Euphemism of the Day: Economic Leverage.

Looks at Books
Modern Orthodox Woman writes about the mussar (ethical teachings) that can be gleaned from different children's books.

Though it's actually a little older than one week old, Hirhurim wrote a heartfelt review of sefer (religious book) written by someone who influenced him, Rabbi Baruch Simon.

Around Israel
Willow Tree had a wonderful vacation around Israel.

For Shiloh Musings and husband, they've been in Israel 35 years now. She recalls their aliyah and the changes they've seen over the years.

Super Blogs
There've been a couple of new Super Blogs - group blogs made up of bloggers already on the map - joining the JBlogosphere.

There's the Jewish Connection, apparently focusing on the personal, featuring, Jack's Shack, PsychoToddler, Yetta, Renegade Rebbetzin, A Simple Jew, dilbert, torontopearl, Mirty, LIFE-of-RUBIN, Z and treppenwitz.

There's the Jewish View that seems more politcal featuring Laurence Simon, Judith Weiss, Flig, Knockin' On The Golden Door, Meryl Yourish, Elms in the Yard and In Context.

Then there's the venerable Israpundit with too many contibutors to mention them all (including this blogger) but with a couple of (relatively) recent contributors, Mere Rhetoric and Mediacrity. At Israpundit, Israpundit's driving force, Joseph Alexander Norland observes "Shoot Israelis, Collect $3 Billion."

The Jerusalem Post has started a blogging section called Cafe Oleh.

Seraphic Secret has put together a tour of his most visited blogs, "Seraphic Blogosphere."

Two last quick hits
Elder of Ziyon questions Reuters' definition of terrorism.

Finally Crossing the Rubicon runs an item from the Jerusalem Post, 22% of Israelis are in Mourning For a Relative or Friend Lost in a Terrorist Attack. And that brings us to ...

Next Week
Next week's hostess, for Haveil Havalim #29 is the just mentionedCrossing the Rubincon2. As always your submissions may be directed to her at enbeea at aol dot com here to dhgerstman at hotmail dot com. Alternatively use Conservative Cat's handy dandy submission form! Requests to host future editions of Haveil Havalim are of course also welcomed!

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