June 19, 2005

Haveil Havalim #25

Faith and Doubt
Parshablog considers that "Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence" when it comes to evaluating whether the Exodus really occurred.

At Hirhurim, the post that inspired Parshablog, he writes that when one answers the non-believer he must do so in the most up-to-date fashion possible in "How Many Jews Left Egypt?"

Meanwhile Eugen Volokh considers the more general question "Is Evolution a Threat to Religious Belief?".

The Cost of Observance
Bloghead writes about "The cost of Jewish Living".

Devarim comments and makes it into "At what cost?"

Though its old, while we're on the subject Multiple Mentality grappled with The Costs of Judaism. (And yes it was included in an earlier HH.)

Words and their meanings (and spellings)
Normblog (actually crediting Eve Garrard) asks what's so bad about occupation in "Occupational Hazzard." This is something I've long wondered about. The media allows despots to go on questioning Israel's legitimacy while denying their own people a lot more than Israel denies Arabs living between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River. A related question is whether anyone expects those Arabs to live better once they have their own state. Daniel Pipes answers this question in "Pro-Israel Palestinians" and the answer is that many of them don't expect to!

Pillage Idiot writes in "Can you spell 'pilpul'?" that he doesn't think think its fair for the National Spelling Bee to throw in Hebrew words as a challenge. Perhaps if the kids were lawyers.

Something Old, Something New
Elder of Ziyon has now started a new blog devoted to his extensive investigation of historical material called Palestine Post-ings. The elder isn't giving up his main blog; just separating out the results of his investigation to a separate blog. The first one I recall is "The Historical Palestinians: A Very Simple Test." I'll bet Elder is really kvelling now.

My name is on a new blog too. A friend asked me to set one up. So since I was on blogger already I offered to do it. It's called Pesach Hotels. If you have had an experience at a Pesach hotel, please e-mail Jeff at jeff at jeffcohn dot com and he will post it. And if you do, wish him Mazel Tov on his new great-nephew!

What I did for Shavuos
I know Mirty's Place covered some pre-Shavuos postings. But she couldn't do the followups. She's a talented writer, but not prescient.
Kesher Talk offers some thoughts on conversion in Deciding to stand at Sinai.

And apropos Shavuos/Shavuot Sha! tells us that Israel is one of the world leaders in milk production per cow!

Good News and Fun Stuff

Willow Tree tells bacteria "Aw Shut up!" Or actually she links to a story about Israeli scientist who actually do the work.

RACHAK's nicely re-designed blog recalls "Torah Cards" with fondness. Much as I'd like to help I'm not giving up my Torah Card.

Sha! tells us about Beehive. Huh? Just read it and find out!

Kosher Eucharist reports on his continuing trip to Israel. He loves Tzfat.

Velveteen Rabbi is off to Sicily on vacation. She uses the opportunity to sneak in some items of Jewish interest!

Mystical Paths treats us to some lovely photographs of the area around Shiloh. On a more practical note he tells us how to improve Shalom Bayis (household peace).

Normblog (by himself) recalls the plight of Jewish Refugees from Arab Lands.

It's ironic that Danny Pearl's murder has been universalized by many. His father Judea Pearl sees the Jewish struggle as unique. Crossing the Rubicon2 has the link.

Atlas Shrugs notes the recent acquittal of 4 members of Al Qaeda for their attack on a hotel in Nairobi that killed 18 people including 3 Israelis in "When is Al Qaeda not a Terrorist Org? When they are killing Jews of course!" and question the wisdom of the US in "Palis Won't Disarm and AID IRAQI TERRORISTS! So let's give them $350 million!"

CosmicX tells of his anti-disengagement efforts.

In "Foiled Again" Israelly Cool! notes how more (imagined) nefarious Jewish plots have been thwarted.

Mere Rhetoric contemplates the implications of some real Palestinian plots that have been thwarted.

Expecting the PA to fight terror against Israel may be hopeless, as Jewish Current Issues notes in Dealing With Sensitive Facts in Hamastan, because the PA can't even control its own streets.

Boker Tov Boulder has more on the desecration of Jewish cemeteries. (Apparently not as bad as not desecrating a Koran.)

Joseph Alexander Norland remembers Col. Richard Meinertzhagen. We should too.

They do Dolly Madison proud
Next week's hostess Shiloh Musings doubts that good fences make good neighbors.

Last week's hostess, Mirty's Place introduces us to some Jewish Art and Soul.

As mentioned above, next week's hostess is Shiloh Musings. Please e-mail her at shilomuse at yahoo dot com. Because she is celebrating 35 years in Israel, she asks that (some of your) submissions be geared toward Aliyah as much as possible as that is her intended theme.

As always your submissions may be directed here to dhgerstman at hotmail dot com. Requests to host future editions of Haveil Havalim are of course also welcomed!

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Posted by SoccerDad at June 19, 2005 05:40 AM | TrackBack

Thank you for mentioning the post about Col Richard Meinertzhagen.

These days, when so many nations are ganging up on Israel, Col Meinertzhagen's support for Zionism is a source of inspirations - it certainly was, and still is, for me.

Posted by: Joseph Alexander Norland at June 19, 2005 06:18 PM

Great variety! See you next week http://shilohmusings.blogspot.com/2005/06/hh-25.html

Posted by: muse at June 20, 2005 12:49 AM

Well done, Dave!

Posted by: Cosmic X at June 20, 2005 02:04 AM