June 10, 2005


I was concerned yesterday that I couldn't find Elder of Ziyon, so I e-mailed him. Apparently he wasn't allowed to have "-" in his URL. So he changed it. I had wanted to include one of his historical journeys in my "Around the Web" but douldn't. So now, check out "When the British jailed Shofar blowers"
He also has an insightful post about a comment that Mohammed Dahlan (usually referred to as a "moderate" in current media parlance) made. The reason for Dahlan's claim is that since 1993 (and probably before) the Palestinians have been allowed to veto anything they didn't like in the "peace process" and the political, academic, diplomatic and journalistic worlds would dutifully claim that that was unacceptable to the Palestinians, as if that were the only consideration worth mentioning.
e.g. Netanyahu opens up a tunnel in the Old City after reaching an agreement with the WAQF. Arabs riot. World says, "how could you offend Palestinian sensibilites?" not "I thought in 1993 you agreed to settle all differences by negotiation."

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Thanks for your kind words.

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