May 22, 2005

Haveil Havalim #21 is up

The Rabbinical Authority Consortium of HACKers has posted the new Haveil Havalim, #21.

The scheduled host for May 29 is Mystical Paths. e-mail him with your submissions at akivam at gmail dot com.

As always, if you're a blogger and wish to host Haveil Havalim please e-mail me at dhgerstman at hotmail dot com. If you found an interesting Jewish or Israel post during the week - whether it's your own or someone else's - please e-mail the suggestion to host of the week or to me and I'll be happy to forward it.

There are a number of blogs that track the Carnivals. For example there's Blognitive Dissonance. Science and Politics blog also tracks the "Carnivals."

Conservative Cat has a submission form for your carnival entry. And yes one of the choices is Haveil Havalim. The form will e-mail your entry to me and so that I may forward it to the appropriate host.

As always continue reading to see past editions.

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Posted by SoccerDad at May 22, 2005 05:48 AM | TrackBack

Thank for the submission form link. I have my challa recipe on the recipe carnival, which brought dozens of hits.
One very useful thing is that people are notified that they're included, and they're reminded to plug the carnival.
I know that HH is one of the featured carnivals, but besides that, is it possible to make up a form from here, or is it too much work for you?
Yasher koach on all you're doing.
Shavua Tov

Posted by: muse at May 29, 2005 12:21 AM