December 19, 2004

Haveil Havalim - Edition #1

Silflay Hraka started something called the Carnival of the Vanities. The idea being that bloggers could get more attention by nominating themselves to a weekly roundup of blogs. The Carnival has really taken off and availing oneself of it is an excellent way to get recognized and possibly building a readership base. I've taken advantage of it a few times.
There are a number of "offspring" of the "Carnival" idea dedicated to specific topics. Here I am introducing my humble idea: Havel Havalim. That is "Vanity of the Vanities." I have briefly brought the idea up to a few fellow bloggers, who liked the idea. So here's the first one.
Ah, so you ask, "What is 'Haveil Havalim'? It is Hebrew for "Vanity of Vanities." (Though Artscroll prefers "Fuitility of futilities.") That is from the first sentence of Koheles/Kohelth/Ecclesiastes. And this is to be the first installment of the Jewish/Israel related "Carnival."
If you're a blogger, feel free to nominate yourself at dhgerstman at hotmail dot com (put "VoV" or "Vanity of Vanities" in your subject line so I know that it's not spam.) If you're just a blog reader send me the best example you can think of a Jewish or Israel related blog. And if you're a blogger, let me know if you'd like to host VoV in the future and I'll schedule you. (No you don't have to be Jewish, but the subject of the blog should have something to do with Judaism or Israel.)
Without Further ado, here's Vanity of Vanities #1:

Red Sox = Maccabies? Out of the mouths of 9 year olds.

Little Green Footballs cites an aritcle "Arafat and myth of legitimacy" from an old issue of Azure. The article by Dan Polisar whose organization observed the Palestinian elections of 1996 (instead of rubber stamping them as a certain ex-President did) tells of the massive corruption that Arafat used to achieve his nearly unanimous electoral victory. It also tells how Arafat destroyed most Palestinian instituionst that could have fostered a bit of moderation toward Israel.

Crossing the Rubicon2 has an interesting post about the Jews of Gibraltar. (she also has a lot of other Jewishly related posts.) Many of the Jews there came from Morrocco where there ancestors had fled to escape the Inquisition.

Biur Chametz enjoys woodworking! Or at least he has thoughts on the relative merits of different sized cabinets. Those are governmental cabinets.

Willow Tree presents a slice of life in her house in Israel. Doesn't sound much different from life in America. (Except the Hebrew stuff.)

Robert J. Avrech, screenwriter, remembers his son Ariel.

It's Almost Supernatural reproduces a lengthy article by Daniel Gordis on the upcoming Gaza withdrawal. I don't agree with everything in the article. I think that Gordis overstates the threat to PM Sharon from the Israeli right. But I can't disagree with this:

Because there are cemeteries in the Gaza settlements, where these citizens have buried their parents and their children. And what should happen to those graves? Shall we disinter the children killed and buried there, and force those people to relive once again the torment of those funerals? Or shall we leave the graves there, even as the Palestinians move in, pretending that we don't recall the desecrations of Joseph's Tomb in 2000, or of the Mount of Olives before the Six Day War?

Sadly, we hear little validation of the settlers' angst from those who favor the withdrawal. Where is the grieving on the "left" for a human tragedy of enormous proportions? Have we become so embittered that we feel nothing for those whom we must dislodge? Is that what statehood has wrought?

Amnon Dankner, editor of Maariv, wrote a similar lament back in April. Another thing to think of is that many of the Jewish residents of Gaza made a sacrifice for peace 20+ years ago. Why is there a Jewish community called Alei Sinai? Because they moved to the Gaza from the Sinai when they were uprooted from their homes to make peace with Egypt. UPDATE: Though it's a little older than a week, Occam's Toothbrush linked to an excellent Gordis article "Israel's Morality and the World's Myopia."

Meryl Yourish offers a comparative analysis of two articles about a recent Egyptian-Israel trade agreement.

Mere Rhetoric comments on the recently rained-on Hamas parade.

Israelly Cool offers comments on Israel's reality show "The Ambassador."

Michael J. Totten on blaming the Jews.

Though not a blog, Arutz-7 reports that the murderer of Shalhavet Pas was sentenced to 3 life terms. Seht Lipsky wrote a moving tribute to the murdered baby, "The Little Flame." Read it though. The history is correct. But like a fly preserved in amber it shows an Israel that is much different, not even four years later.

At Israpundit, to which I contribute, Joseph Alexander Norland notes that the new Abbas is the same as the old Abbas.

UPDATE: JDaters Anonymous organized Chayyei Sarah's recent experiences at a singles Shabbaton. Obviously I haven't at one of those for the past 15 years. But it brings back some memories. Although I don't remember them as awful as apparently Chayei Sarah experienced it.

That's it for this week and the first "Haveil Havalim." Hopefully next week the contributions will be from you! E-mail me with your nominations at dhgerstman at hotmail dot com. (Comments - critical or fawning - are also welcome.)

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